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Cover der Publikation "Die ersten 100 Tage  als Klimaanpassungsmanager*in - Tipps für einen gelungenen Einstieg"
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Die ersten 100 Tage als Klima-Anpassungs-Manager*in


More and more municipalities in Germany are recognising the need to prepare strategically for the long-term adaptation to the consequences of climate change and are having municipal adaptation concepts developed by climate adaptation managers (KAM). A new guide from the Centre for Climate Adaptation offers valuable insights and tools for a successful start as well as a solid foundation for long-term climate adaptation management. This guide covers all the important steps, from familiarising yourself with the administration to developing a climate adaptation concept, and provides practical guidance for the first 100 days in climate adaptation management.

Publication: Die ersten 100 Tage als Klimaanpassungsmanager*in

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BCSC goes Nairobi
Giraffe in Savannenlandschaft mit Stadt Nairobi im Hintergrund
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BCSC goes Nairobi

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News publ. 26. Jun 2023

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