The Hydrogen Debate in Australia (in German only)

Bild_Studie_Wasserstoffdebatte in Australien
Teichmann, Franziska und Raffaele Piria 2019: The Hydrogen Debate in Australia (in German only). Berlin: adelphi.

Original title: Die Wasserstoffdebatte in Australien

There is a rare consensus in Australia’s otherwise highly polarized energy policy: Establishing an export industry for hydrogen constitutes an overlap in the agendas of progressive and conservative groups. There are, however, differences in the views on what sources of energy should be used. While the one side wants to exclusively utilise Australia’s vast potential for renewable energy, the other side also fathoms a central role for fossil-based hydrogen. The federal government will present its vision in the national hydrogen strategy, which is planned for the end of 2019.  

The study provides a comprehensive overview of the hydrogen debate in Australia. The first part describes the process at the federal level and lists the many activities in the states and territories. Thereafter, the conditions for hydrogen production in Australia are highlighted and views on the potential for an export market and domestic market are presented and discussed. Thereafter, the key drivers of the debates, such as climate policy and security of supply, and major demonstration projects are explained. The study concludes with an analysis of the cooperation potential with Germany.

The study has been prepared for a non-Australian audience of energy policy experts and accompanies the Australian-German Energy Symposium in Melbourne (Victoria) on the 18th and 19th of September 2019.

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