Eco-mapping and optimisation of the Green School Program

Green Fiber Optics and Computer Keyboard

A concept for a web application will be developed to support the process and evaluation of ecomapping audits in schools. With the help of the web application, documentation and evaluation will be simplified and improved. An executable “beta version” focusing on the energy aspect which could be used in practice to prove the developed concept will be implemented and published. With the collected data during the visits of PAKLIM consultants in schools a report is generated initially. It contains a summary incl. charts, summaries of questionnaires and recommendations for improvement measures. It will be used for recordings and can be handed out to the school. Highlights of the report could be presented to the participating pupils and teachers after the second visit which will increase the awareness raising effects.

Additional value is created by standardised and central recording of the collected data as it allows evaluation of the data of all participating schools. This could be used to identify general trends in terms of knowledge gaps, improvement potentials and last but not least enables predictions on emission saving potentials in the schools which take part - but also in the 200,000 other schools in Indonesia. The gathered experience in terms of benefit and applicability will be elaborated and used for further improvement of the ecomapping approach within the green school program. The application will be bi-lingual, designed to be secure, easy to use and to allow modification and up scaling, e.g. to cover other environmental aspects like material flows, air and soil. A later add-on for functions for mobile applications or documentation and maintenance of management systems like ISO 140001 or ISO 50001 should be earmarked.