Climate adaptation as an opportunity for cooperation among Nile countries

Global climate change is more than just a threat – it is also an opportunity for closer cooperation among the affected countries. This was the key message of the 3rd Nile Basin Development Forum (NBDF), which was held from 26-28 October 2011 on the topic of “Climate Change and its Implicat


Climate change will severely affect water, food and energy supply throughout the Nile region. In order to cope with the adverse effects, the economies, infrastructure and societies of the Nile Basin countries need to become climate-proof by implementing adequate adaptation measures. Experts and country representatives emphasized that adaptation requires basin-wide cooperation and joint efforts in order to be fully beneficial. The 3rd Nile Basin Development Forum therefore focused on approaches for the efficient coordination of transboundary adaptation projects as well as their funding. Closer cooperation between the Nile countries and development partners, better information sharing and regional coordination of national adaptation programmes are only three of the many recommendations brought forward in the “Kigali Recommendations”. In order to turn risks into chances for regional cooperation, it is crucial to build strong governance structures and capable institutions on the national and regional level. In future, the Nile Basin Initiative should play a central role in the development of transboundary adaptation measures.

The Nile Basin Development Forum is a biennial event designed to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge among the various regional and international actors and stakeholders engaged in the Nile Basin region.