Addressing SCP in the Fashion and Apparel Sector

Cover Addressing SCP in the Fashion and Apparel Sector
Hannak, Jürgen; Franziska Kohler, Jana Hack and Morton Hemkhaus 2019: Addressing SCP in the Fashion and Apparel Sector. EU: adelphi/Switch-Asia.

The SCP Facility as part of the SWITCH-Asia Programme of the European Union aims to strengthen the implementation of national policies for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) by raising awareness as well as scaling up good practice examples in the region. The facility commissioned a study on finding potential entry points for advancing SCP in the textile and apparel sector in 16 Asian target countries with the main objective to identify priority areas for regional programs regarding SCP for the textile and apparel sector.

To develop approaches and resolutions to some of the most persistent and critical issues within identified thematic priority areas, adelphi developed detailed country profiles covering eleven Southeast Asian and five Central Asian nations which provide information and address action gaps regarding SCP in the textile and apparel sector, such as SCP policy, ecolabelling, green procurement and sustainable small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The analysis of current issues covered natural and synthetic fibre processing, finishing as well as apparel manufacturing. In a few countries, this scope was expanded to also include materials such as leather, silk and wool as well as footwear manufacturing.

The authors of the study suggest starting with the development of an enabling SCP framework that supports greening the supply chain and the participation of SMEs. A criteria catalogue for eco-labelling improves transparency and allows for consumer agency. Further SCP related activities can then build onto the study’s findings by targeting the action gaps identified in each country and include relevant stakeholders such as policymakers, industry actors, brands, research institutions, NGOs and consumer associations to ensure an effective and holistic future working process.