Zentrum KlimaAnpassung - Nationwide consulting, education, and networking for local climate adaptation

German municipalities and social institutions are being directly affected by the effects of the climate crisis today. In addition to a higher probability of extreme weather events, periods of heat and drought and gradual changes, such as falling groundwater levels, damage to forests and soils, or changes in animal and plant life, pose increasing challenges. It is essential to take targeted climate adaptation measures at an early stage in order to protect people, the environment and local infrastructure.

The twofold role of municipalities and social institutions as places of vulnerability and places of action make them key actors in local climate adaptation. Despite the overall increased affectedness, many municipalities and social institutions lack basic information and data to adequately integrate important prevention and climate adaptation measures into their own planning processes.

The first nationwide Zentrum KlimaAnpassung is jointly managed by a project team of the Deutsches Insititut für Urbanistik (Difu) and adelphi. Central services are the support of municipalities - administration, politics and public authorities - as well as other municipal actors and social institutions in all phases of the development, implementation and monitoring of integrated climate adaptation concepts as well as in the networking of relevant actors on site.

In this project, adelphi has been commissioned with the planning and implementation of the entire communication as well as with the conception and implementation of consulting and educational formats.

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