The SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility – Advancing the Delivery of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in Asia

Hanoi, Vietnam - May 2, 2015: Vietnamese street market lady seller, on May 2, 2015, in Hanoi, Vietnam

The SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility aims to strengthen the implementation of national policies for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) while providing an internal dialogue platform for its grant projects, showcasing their achievements, and connecting them with various external stakeholders. SWITCH-Asia is the largest programme funded by the European Union (EU) to promote SCP in Asia: since 2007, it has supported more than 90 demonstration projects and policy support actions across 18 Asian countries, with overall funding of more than 300 million EUR for the period of 2007-2020.

Capacity building of national and sub-national government institutions

The Facility will offer capacity-building support to formulate and implement SCP policies and legislation by providing SCP tools, sharing EU know-how, and implementing policy dialogue events that engage multiple stakeholder groups. The Facility will support the alignment of perspectives and the linking of implementation levels, supporting national and subnational governments in mainstreaming SCP practices. It will also support collaboration between the public and private sectors to integrate SCP into value chain considerations. 

Dialogue to strengthen internal and external networks 

The Facility will facilitate dialogue events engaging a wider audience of stakeholders, from SWITCH-Asia grant projects to policy makers and SCP practitioners to decision-makers from businesses, intermediaries and media agencies. The dialogue formats will provide an opportunity to exchange lessons learned, success stories and best practices while creating a network of peers and like-minded SCP professionals. In this way, the Facility will promote synergies among all the components of the SWITCH-Asia Programme to increase their impact and to support the long-term sustainability of these actions.

Promoting the scaling up of SCP 

The Facility will act as a platform to showcase best practices from SWITCH-Asia grants and policy support projects to promote effective replication and scaling-up. It will act as a catalyst for the wider dissemination of stories on SCP by publishing studies, reports and impact stories that build awareness among multipliers, SCP practitioners, policy makers and experts.  

The SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility is one of the components of the SWITCH-Asia Programme funded by the EU and is implemented by adelphi in collaboration with GIZ International Services and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES). As part of the consortium, adelphi supports overall project management and implementation, and provides a wider pool of topical key and non-key experts.

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