Taking the Next Step towards Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy in India

A new training programme for Indian stakeholders on resource efficiency and circular economy in India has been launched.


With the official launch of a comprehensive training programme in November 2020, the EU-India Resource Efficiency Initiative (EU-REI) has added another key element to the overall strategy for promoting resource efficiency and circular economy among Indian stakeholders. A team of experts from adelphi had developed the training concept and materials over a period of one year. The programme consists of a trainer manual, a participants handbook and 11 integrated learning modules with interactive exercises. All materials can be downloaded on the EU-REI's website.

Following a series of peer reviews and stakeholder consultations, the expert team initiated the roll-out of the programme in the form of two online workshops for Indian trainers from Tamil Nadu and Goa in late 2020. Further trainer workshops are planned during the second phase of EU-REI from 2021 to 2023. Local trainers from various Indian partner organisations will use the training programme to reach out to a wide range of stakeholders, including representatives from government agencies, the private sector and non-governmental organisations, thus enabling them to integrate the concepts of resource efficiency and circular economy into their own work.