New project supports banks all over Europe to increase lending in energy efficiency

Secure energy supply, lower energy bills and a significant impact in the fight against climate change – all of this can be achieved with higher investments in energy efficiency. To stimulate such investments, adelphi will work in a new project with various private banks in a number of EU countries.


The EU has set itself ambitious goals in the field of energy policy: until 2030 greenhouse gas emissions shall be reduced by 40% and 27% of energy saved compared to the levels of 1990. The potential for energy savings is high in the EU, especially in the building and the industry sector. However, intensified efforts are required to tap this potential. Consequently, the European Investment Bank (EIB) addresses private commercial banks to enter the market for energy efficiency (EE) lending in the scope of their Private Finance for Energy Efficiency Project (PF4EE). The PF4EE provides funds to partner banks all over Europe for EE loan products. Thereby, investments in EE measures shall increase which will ultimately lead to less energy consumption in the EU.

Against this background, adelphi in cooperation with its partner MACS management & consulting services GmbH was commissioned to provide in-depth capacity development and advisory support to ten to fifteen partner banks in the EU in order to enhance their competences on EE lending.

In the framework of the PF4EE, the EIB does not only provide significant funding to the banks but also covers part of the risks associated with EE lending in order to incentivize private banks to offer innovative banking products for EE projects. adelphi will contribute its expertise to reach this goal.