Energy Efficiency in SMEs Engages Stakeholders

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A workshop held by adelphi on October 30, 2019 showed that energy efficiency in SMEs is on the top of the agenda in the upcoming amendments to the German energy-services law (EDL-G).


On October 30, 2019 adelphi invited stakeholders from research, politics and the economy to present their recommendations on how to increase the implementation of energy efficiency measures in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This workshop was also used as an opportunity to introduce both the current reform agenda of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and other stakeholders related to the SMEmPower project which spans eight EU countries and aims to close the gap between energy audits and action.

Energy efficiency: from audit to implementation

As a basis for the workshop, adelphi provided an in-depth analysis of the barriers that SMEs face and recommended policy instruments to overcome these. In addition, several participants provided valuable insights from their experience with energy management system implementation, and the motivation and expectations of SME clients were discussed.

The participants emphasized the existing gap between receiving an energy audit and implementing energy efficiency measures in companies. A constructive discussion followed about the feasibility of the recommendations. Such a consultative workshop during the legislative process of amending the EDL-G is invaluable to all parties involved. Energy efficiency savings in SMEs are still not reaching their highest potential, and it is crucial to call upon expert groups. During the workshop all parties agreed that it is a priority to fully exhaust the energy efficiency potential in SMEs, not only to help their competitiveness, but also to contribute their share on the road to carbon neutrality.

The workshop was led by adelphi and included representatives from dena, EEP, PwC and the ministry.

The legislative process remains ongoing as everyone eagerly awaits the next steps.

Contact person: Andreas Schneller