Assessing climate engineering: "EuTRACE" kicks off

Climate engineering has become an importantpart of the international and European agenda, complementing climate mitigation and adaptation. Over the next two years adelphi will take part in the EU-funded "European Transdisciplinary Assessment of Climate Engineering" (EuTRACE).


The Institute for Advance Sustainability Studies (IASS) leads a consortium of 14 partners from Germany, the UK, Austria, France and Norway, who apply a trans-disciplinary approach to climate engineering. EuTRACE aims to provide an assessment of climate engineering potentials, uncertainties, risks, and implications. adelphi’s role within the project is to develop policy options for the European Commission and co-lead the policy and public outreach activities.

The Berlin-based think tank contributes significant experience: adelphi has studied the risks of climate engineering techniques within the EU-funded SECURENV project, has contributed findings for the study assessing climate engineering for the Office for Technology Assessment of the German Parliament, and has co-organised the 2011 conference “Geoengineering the Climate: An Issue for Peace and Security Studies?” in Hamburg.