Chung Tran
Doctor of Natural Sciences and Technology
Senior Manager

Chung Tran is a Senior Manager. He has more than 15 years of experience in technical research and developing and implementing projects within the themes of circular economy (CE), sustainability, resource efficiency, waste management, industrial development, energy efficiency, and multilateral environmental agreements in Asia and Africa. His work has also involved national governments, institutions, and industrial enterprises of different sectors, ownerships and sizes. Recently, he has been working on projects to promote the circular economy and resource efficiency in the areas of plastics, textiles, e-waste, and other waste streams.

“We can move towards sustainability by adopting more circular economy approaches and practices. The means of CE lies in material design, product design and flow management, and it requires collaboration, new business models, and innovation. In the CE team at adelphi, we are working on real CE solutions to close the loops of resources economically and ecologically”.