Carolin Anders
Master of Science Energy Policy
Senior Manager

Carolin Anders works as a Senior Manager at adelphi in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency as well as the financing of sustainable energy solutions. The global energy transition can only succeed with a holistic approach. In addition to clear political framework conditions, local efforts are needed in the implementation of energy and climate action measures. This is where municipalities and local public authorities play a crucial role. With their enormous potential for building comprehensive investment programs for sustainable energy, they are drivers of the sustainable energy transition in Europe. Therefore, Carolin supports cities and municipalities in identifying financing instruments for sustainable energy solutions through capacity building.

In addition to work experience in various African countries, she has skills in promoting the expansion of solar energy.

“To meet global climate objectives, we need to substantially accelerate renewable energy and energy efficiency deployment. The question is no longer if an energy transition is possible, but how we can make it happen faster. at adelphi, I have the opportunity to actively take part in the shaping of a successful global energy transition by working on national and international projects.”

Selected Projects