Circular Economy

Aerial top view highway road intersection roundabout or circle at night for transportation, distribution or traffic background.

The concept of circular economy has become increasingly important in the public eye and is heralded as an effective approach to securing the long-term resource requirements of modern societies for the years to come. Essentially, the model describes an economic system that causes neither waste nor pollution. Products are redesigned to be high quality so that they circulate for as long as possible in the consumption and production system. The resources then flow back into technical or biological cycles at the end of their usage. adelphi is developing solutions for the transition to a closed circular economy. Our projects promote the eco-designing of products, the introduction of resource-saving production methods, the increase of resource efficiency and cleaner production, the development of sustainable business management and circular business models, as well as the implementation of effective waste management systems and closed-loop solutions worldwide. The concept of circular economy goes beyond traditional approaches and requires fundamental, system-wide changes along global value chains. By supporting decision-makers in politics and the private sector and through taking into account the diversity of interest groups, adelphi is promoting the transformation to closed-loop production and sustainable consumption.

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