Unternehmensstrategische Evaluierung Flucht und Migration

Unternehmensstrategische Evaluierung Flucht und Migration - GIZ
Kinzelbach, Katrin; Julian Lehmann, Alexander Carius, Lukas Rüttinger and Victoria Rietig 2017: Unternehmensstrategische Evaluierung Flucht und Migration. Bonn/Eschborn: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Since 2015, both experts and the general public have been discussing the consequences for domestic, foreign, and development policy that were instigated by the influx of asylum seekers and other migrants into the European Union and its neighbouring countries. GIZ was commissioned by the German Federal Government and the European Union to carry out a large number of new projects designed to support migrants and refugees outside Europe. This also includes large-scale projects and programs. In addition to projects targeting migrants and refugees, GIZ implements technical cooperation projects designed to help governments and civil society in transit and host countries address the challenges and potential of migration.

How did GIZ implement these projects, and what are the objectives and expected results? How can it direct its work even more towards achieving outcomes and not just the provision of outputs? What can GIZ learn from past experience for the future? These are the questions that make up the Final Report of the Corporate Strategic Evaluation (USE) "Flight and Migration."  This evaluation was carried out on behalf of the Evaluation Unit of external evaluators. In December 2016, GIZ commissioned a consortium of gppi ​​and adelphi to conduct a Business Strategic Evaluation (USE) on the topic of "flight and migration" as well as the preparation of the evaluation report.

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