Overview of the Australian Energy Policy - Updated July 2019 (in German only) – Aktualisierung Juli 2019

Magosch, Magdalena; Raffaele Piria und Jakob Eckardt 2019: Overview of the Australian Energy Policy - Updated July 2019 (in German only). Aktualisierung Juli 2019. Berlin: adelphi.

Original title: Überblick über die australische Energiepolitik - Aktualisierung Juli 2019

The Australian energy policy discussions are highly polarized and on the brink of a change. While the wealth of natural resources has long been a guarantee for low energy prices, the increase in exports has ultimately driven the increase in consumer prices for gas and electricity. At the same time, parts of Australia experience a fundamental change in their electricity systems as the deployment of renewable energy increases. Continued black-outs have fuelled an on-going public and policy debate on system security.

This report analyses Australia's energy policy. The first part gives an overview of the foundations of Australia's energy economy. The second part gives an overview of the federal institutions and their competencies. The third part examines the drivers of energy policy and current political debates in Australia. Finally, the fourth part presents important areas of the Australia's energy policy, laying a special focus on electricity market design, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The update of this study has been conceived for a non-Australian audience of energy policy and power sector experts and accompanies the Australian-German Energy Symposiums in Melbourne (Victoria) on the 18th and 19th of September 2019.

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