Klimaschutz trotz knapper Kassen – Ein Handbuch für die Kommunalverwaltung

Handbuch "Klimaschutz trotz knapper Kassen"
Kind, Christian; Nele Protze und Carsten Rothballer 2013: Klimaschutz trotz knapper Kassen. Ein Handbuch für die Kommunalverwaltung. Dessau-Roßlau: Umweltbundesamt (UBA).

Translated title: "Climate mitigation despite tight budgets"

This manual is the result of a project that adelphi has implemented within the framework of the National Climate Initiative on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. In eight chapters, the publication provides the responsible stakeholders in municipalities with an introduction to the economic feasibility of climate change mitigation measures and practical tips for local climate protection: (1) regarding self-financing of climate change measures, (2) financing through grants, subsidies and loans, (3) third-party financing through contracting, (4) forms of citizen participation, and (5) free organisational measures and incentive models. Successful good practice examples from other municipalities substantiate the provided advice.