Twin2Go - Twinning partnerships for improved water governance in river basins

Where uncertainty cannot be reduced in the short-term, or where policy decisions cannot be postponed until better knowledge is available, adaptive and integrated management of water resources is required. Failures of governance systems have been identified as one of the most important reasons for increased vulnerability to water related disasters. The EU has established a significant portfolio of research projects on issues of integrated water resources management.

Twin2Go reviews, consolidates, and synthesises research on adaptive and integrated water resources management in basins around the world. The aim is to draw insights relevant to policy and research on issues around adaptive water governance in the context of climate change, and to make them transferable to other basins. To accelerate the pace at which water management practices and water policy move towards adaptive and integrated approaches, Twin2Go promotes sharing research results with practitioners and high level decision makers through effective dialogue. Twin2Go will further constructively engage with stakeholders from different levels in all its activities throughout the project lifetime.