Project Catalogue of German Research on Climate Change Adaptation

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The European Commission works on strengthening the topic of adaptation to climate change on the European level. The “Adaptation Clearinghouse for Europe”, a supra-regional internet platform, shall be created in order to give information and assistance in identifying potential measures by different online tools. In addition, the network CIRCLE-2, that has already been established in 23 states, aims among others to ease the access to existing knowledge about climate adaptation.

The Competence Centre on Climate Impacts and Adaptation (KomPass) of the German Federal Environment Agency describes within its project catalogue research projects with German participation, which deal with adaptation to climate change. In order to make this information accessible to European user groups, adelphi coordinated the translation and adjustment of the contents of the project catalogue. Furthermore, adelphi was responsible to add this data to the “Climate Adaptation InfoBase” of CIRCLE-2. Moreover, an English version of the project catalogue was embedded into and For these websites the fast-track approach of the tool “Klimalotse” (climate pilot) was be translated into English as well. The tool “Klimalotse” was developed by adelphi as a guideline for climate change adaptation in municipalities as well as small and medium enterprises.

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