Future Green Markets

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Future green markets are increasingly critical for Germany’s strong international trade position. German clean technology enjoys an excellent reputation; with increasing exports and a great dynamic, this sector has become a real driving force for growth and employment in the German economy.

The objective of the project was to provide a framework to make decisions on the sectors where green technologies should be promoted, based on sound economic and ecological criteria. adelphi developed recommendations both for policy and for practical experience to point out what governmental and business strategies to promote future green markets could look like.

The project was carried out in close collaboration with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and the Institute of Economic Structures Research (GWS mbH). A framework was designed to analyse the green transformation of the economy and the development of green business models. The project also explored which consequences for the environment can be expected from using several green technologies – in terms of both benefits and damages.

Publications of this project

  • Chancen und Potenziale Grüner Zukunftsmärkte

    Kahlenborn, Walter; Carla Penderock, Elsa Semmling, Ralph Büchele, Andrea Wiedemann, Christian Lutz, Kirsten S. Wiebe and Anne Nieters 2014: Chancen und Potenziale Grüner Zukunftsmärkte. Berlin: adelphi.