Collective action - Reducing shared water risks to promote sustainable growth

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This conference strove to strengthen civil society organisations’ ability to interact with the private and public sectors, safeguarding natural assets for both water users and nature itself. The conference thus focused on multi-stakeholder partnerships that go beyond traditional water resource management activities. The conference thus contributed to understanding and knowledge of shared water risks and the need for collective action to reduce water risks for all stakeholders, from the public and private sectors as well as civil society. Current approaches and project experiences in collective action and in water stewardship were presented and discussed. The workshops were intended to examine the various roles taken by stakeholders and factors which determine the success of collective approaches to water resource management, as well as defining capacity development needs to enlarge collective action activities.

Alongside GIZ, adelphi developed the content and overarching concept of the conference, organised the sessions and brought together the various contributions in the conference documentation.