Background paper and e-discussions on the International Business Forum 2011

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Business plays a major role in the global fight against poverty and climate change: Investment Climate for Climate Investment - Fostering Business Dynamics for Inclusive Low-carbon Growth was a GIZ-run conference series which aimed to prove this. During three events spanning 2010 to 2012, participants from the private sector, governmental organisations and civil society came together to discuss the opportunities that can result from cooperation between companies and governments, particularly how they can together combat climate change, impacts of climate change, and poverty. The aim of this dialogue series was to identify and implement basic requirements for sustainable and poverty-reducing business activities.

adelphi drew up concepts and prepared the background paper for the second conference in June 2011 in Berlin on behalf of GIZ. In the run-up to the conference, adelphi lead a three-week e-discussion on the three subtopics of financing access to clean energy, shaping the frameworks for clean energy investment and climate investments and a third discussion on innovative business models for climate investments and the bottom of the pyramid.