Heat wave health hazard: "Aktion Schattenspender" advises senior citizens

Summer has so far been disappointing, but the weathermen are already predicting a new heat wave. Although this is good news for most people it comes as a hazard warning for many senior citizens. In June, July and August, Aktion Schattenspender will be advising them on preventive measures in Berlin.


Climate change is causing ever-increasing heat spells. City centres in Central Europe in particular are heating up considerably. In its latest monitoring report on climate change adaptation the German government stated that the average temperature in metropolitan areas is climbing, with daily temperatures increasingly soaring over 30 degrees Celsius.

Although rain is dominating the current weather patterns, meteorologists are already predicting a new heat wave in the coming weeks. This is not good news for senior citizens, because the greater the number of heat waves, the higher the risk of dehydration, heart tremors or even heart attacks.

In order to help elderly citizens be well prepared for the coming heat spell, the "Schattenspender" campaign will advise residents of the Klausener Square neighbourhood in Berlin on protection measures they can take, including good practical tips. Numerous neighbourhood businesses and organisations are supporting the campaign in June, July and August and are there to assist the elderly: they will provide informational material, talk directly with those over 65 years old, provide access to cool areas, supply drinking water or help with shopping.

This Saturday 27 June 2015 is the kickoff to the Schattenspender campaign as part of the neighbourhood festival at Klausener Square.

The Schattenspender campaign was initiated by the Federal Environment Agency, the climate protection management team of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and the Berlin research institute adelphi. In addition to the active engagement of neighbourhood businesses and organisations, senior citizens will be informed about “heat etiquette” and protection measures that can be taken against the heat. The accompanying brochure provides easy-to-understand everyday tips regarding correct conduct during hot weather.

» More information at: www.uba.de/schattenspender (German)