Ronjon Heim
PhD Environmental Technology
Senior Researcher

Ronjon Heim is Senior Scientist and Senior Researcher at adelphi. His research and consulting work focuses on the development, research and evaluation of innovative and naturalistic technologies for water treatment. In particular, he places an emphasis on local needs analysis, integrated water management, guaranteeing equal access to water supply, as well as climate adaptation and the use of renewable energies. He considers knowledge exchange and a participatory approach to developing solutions critical to ensure that his target groups derive maximum and sustainable benefits from his projects.

He currently works as a project leader and senior scientist in several international research projects in the area of ​​development, application, and evaluation of environmental and development cooperation projects. In this context, he conducts research in collaboration with scientific institutions on ecological, near-natural, and decentralized water supply concepts. He is also a technical expert and consultant on technological solutions for adaptation to climate change, and works on the participatory development of these measures with public and private stakeholders.

Ronjon also has several years of experience advising ministries and international institutions. He is well versed in the facilitation of stakeholder dialogues and workshops as well as in the management of project teams and is also highly qualified in coordinating comprehensive technical studies, organising and conducting study tours for delegations, and training and conferences. He is also experienced in setting up online information systems, writing scientific papers, and project management. For the past twelve years, Ronjon has been working with adelphi on projects in Germany and Europe, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico and Latin America, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and South Asia, as well as Cyprus, Tunisia, Egyp,t and the Mediterranean region.

Ronjon received a PhD for his thesis on "Analysis of community-based nature oriented surface water treatment" at the Technical University Berlin and the Jadavpur University in Kolkata. Previously, he studied Technical Environmental Protection and Philosophy at the Technical University of Berlin, specializing in water conservation and integrated water resource management. Other core areas include air pollution control, hygiene, urban water management, limnology, and renewable energy. He also conducted research in southern Chile on various techniques for water supply and GIS mapping in rural areas. In Calcutta, India, his research focused on drinking water supply in rural areas suffering from arsenic-contaminated groundwater.

Prior to joining adelphi, Ronjon gained work experience, among others, at the Compesa water utility in northeastern Brazil, as a lecturer in computer science at the University of Herat (Afghanistan), and as a tutor in the areas of Critical Environmental Protection and Energy, Pulse and Mass Transfer at the Technical University of Berlin.

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