Transformationsstudie zur Dekarbonisierung der niedersächsischen Wirtschaft – Eine explorative Untersuchung zu Wissensstand und Handlungsmöglichkeiten der Transformation in Niedersachsen

Mohnen, Lea; Prof. Dr. Stephan L. Thomsen, Daniel Weiß, Kai Ingwersen, Vivien-Sophie Gulden 2022: Transformationsstudie zur Dekarbonisierung der niedersächsischen Wirtschaft. Eine explorative Untersuchung zu Wissensstand und Handlungsmöglichkeiten der Transformation in Niedersachsen. Hannover: Niedersachsen Allianz für Nachhaltigkeit.

Limiting global warming and achieving national and international climate targets is a major challenge for the economy – but also a great opportunity. Companies need to switch their energy supply to renewable energies and achieve significant efficiency gains in the use of energy and other resources. Especially industrial companies need new production processes, but also employees need to adapt to new tasks and qualification requirements. Despite the challenges, the transformation to a climate friendly economy also offers great opportunities: e.g. when location potentials for producing renewable energies are also used for new, climate-protecting production sites or when companies can take advantage of the growing market opportunities for climate technologies.

It’s the goal of the Niedersachsen Allianz für Nachhaltigkeit (NAN) to support political decision makers as well as companies in Lower Saxony with concrete help so that they make best use of the opportunities and overcome the challenges. adelphi, together with the Center for Economic Policy Studies, supports this goal with the study “Transformationsstudie zur Dekarbonisierung der niedersächsischen Wirtschaft“ („Transformation study for decarbonising the economy in Lower Saxony“).

The study creates the basis for a targeted transformation by shedding light on the special requirements of transformation for central economic sectors in Lower Saxony. The researchers present the current state of knowledge as well as suitable courses of action for an expedited transition to a climate neutral Lower Saxony. On this basis, knowledge gaps are identified and necessary next steps for a successful transformation are being outlined.

The study was prepared with active participation of various stakeholders from the Lower Saxonian economy. Three discussion workshops were held with representatives of the Lower Saxony state government, with social partners, with the business community and with academia.