Planetary Boundaries: Umsetzung für den Privatsektor

Ökologisches Wirtschaften
Keppner, Benno; Daniel Weiss und Walter Kahlenborn 2017: Planetary Boundaries: Umsetzung für den Privatsektor. In: Ökologisches Wirtschaften, 32:2, 11-13.

Human action within the limits of planet Earth is one main pillar for a sustainable economy. The approach of the Planetary Boundaries sets the framework of analysis for it. But what are the challenges faced by companies that aim to implementing the concept? Benno Keppner, Daniel Weiss and Walter Kahlenborn describe in their article for the German magazine "Ökologisches Wirtschaften" (English: Ecological Entrepreneurship) how the concept of the Planetary Boundaries can be an asset for the private sector and become an important driver for a deep transformation.