Overview of the US Electricity Markets (in German only)

Überblick über die US-Strommärkte - adelphi/RAP
Jahn, Andreas und Raffaele Piria 2017: Overview of the US Electricity Markets (in German only). Berlin: adelphi/RAP.

Original title: Überblick über die US-Strommärkte

This study analyses the overarching framework structure of the US electricity markets and the fundamental differences between the US electricity markets in the states and regions. It shows differences and parallels with Germany and Europe. In particular, it discusses the difference between the European transmission system operators and the American independent system operators as well as the principle of local pricing in the wholesale electricity market. The study also highlights other topics such as central dispatch, capacity markets, system planning and digititalisation.

The first part gives an overview of the main aspects at the federal level. Since energy policy is largely in the hands of the states, liberalisation did not take place universally. The second part discusses the six most important regional electricity markets of the USA (California, New York, Texas, New England, PJM Interconnection and MISO) in more detail.

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