A Low-Emission Economy Starts With Municipalities – A Handbook for Polish Municipalities

Węglarz, Arkadiusz; Ewa Winkowska, Wójcik Wojciech, Martin Kaul, Katarzyna Goebel, Franziska Schreiber, Christian Kind and Henrike Peichert 2015: A Low-Emission Economy Starts With Municipalities. A Handbook for Polish Municipalities. Berlin: adelphi.

Worldwide, municipalities play a central role in climate mitigation and the implementation of low emission strategies, but municipal budgets are often insufficient and alternative climate mitigation funding must be found. Many municipalities however lack crucial information about factors such as financial means at the national and EU levels, opportunities to collaborate with the private sector, successful ways to involve local stakeholders and how to plan for a low emission economy. So that Polish municipalities can master these challenges, "A Low-Emission Economy Starts with Municipalities: A Handbook for Polish Municipalities" provides extensive and detailed information. It is tailored exactly to the needs of Polish municipalities and contains a range of examples, drawn from German and Polish municipalities, of good practice in cost-effective financing and implementation of low-emission strategies.