Kritische Infrastrukturen im Klimawandel – Verwundbarkeit und Anpassung – Forschung des Netzwerkes Vulnerabilität

Kritische Infrastrukturen im Klimawandel
Fichtner, Christina; Jonas Savelsberg und Mareike Buth 2014: Kritische Infrastrukturen im Klimawandel. Verwundbarkeit und Anpassung – Forschung des Netzwerkes Vulnerabilität. In: BBK Bevölkerungsschutz 04/2014, pp. 14-17.

Title translated: Critical Infrastructures in times of Climate Change. Vulnerability and Adaptation - Research by the Vulnerability Network The Netzwerk Vulnerabilität (eng. "Vulnerability Network") is a central component of the German "Adaptation Action Plan" (APA) and brings together 16 federal agencies and institutions. A consortium of several research institutions, led by adelphi, is responsible for the content-related and organisational supervision of the network. This article explains the methodological approach as well as the fields of action of the network. Moreover, possible impacts of climate change on so-called Critical Infrastructures (KRITIS) are explained by taking the example of the German energy sector.