Die digitale Renaissance der Nachbarschaft – Soziale Medien als Instrument postmoderner Nachbarschaftsbildung

Forum Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung
Becker, Anna; Hannah Göppert, Olaf Schnur und Franziska Schreiber 2018: Die digitale Renaissance der Nachbarschaft. Soziale Medien als Instrument postmoderner Nachbarschaftsbildung. In: Forum Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung, 206-210.

Translated title: The digital neighbourhood renaissance

Digitalisation permeates all facets of life. This is particularly evident in cities, which have always been the focal points of technological innovation. However, the ways in which the digital revolution is changing urban coexistence and socio-cultural practices remains uncertain. With the exploration study "Connected Neighbours", adelphi was commissioned by vhw - Federal Association for Housing and Urban Development to examine the interactions between neighbourhoods and digitalisation. The focus was on how social media and neighbourhood platforms affect social interaction, community involvement, and political activities in the neighbourhood. Thanks to both this study and a wealth of empirical data, an understanding of the landscape of digital media in relation to neighbourhoods in Germany and its implications was gained for the first time. The results underline that social networking and public life in neighbourhoods today increasingly take place in hybrid spaces in which analog and digital forms of interaction overlap. This essay summarizes the central results of the study in the vhw association magazine "Forum Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung".