Weathering Risk: Dialogue Series "Climate Security in 3D"

Climate change is one of the most pressing social, political and security issues of our time. Yet there are still significant gaps in our understanding of what it means for international peace and security. Therefore, decision-makers need information on the full range of risks that climate change poses to human security, including an intersectional analysis that takes into account gender, age and identity, different scales and probabilities. Assessing the drivers, components, severity and likelihood of these risks is essential to inform risk-informed policy. Only then can decision-makers choose the right responses to the issues of today and tomorrow that promote both climate resilience and peace.

This project realised a three-part series of events for the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office on "Climate Security in 3D: Diplomacy, Development and Defence" (16 - 25 March 2021). They were implemented by adelphi in cooperation with the British non-governmental organisation Wilton Park. The events addressed the roles and tasks, opportunities and limitations of cooperation between all three sectors with regard to climate-related security risks. The dialogues brought together high-level speakers and foreign policy, development and defence experts from around the world. Through three interactive discussions, participants explored the opportunities and challenges of cross-border, cross-government and cross-sector cooperation and identified concrete areas for priority action. The discussion of concrete starting points led to diverse recommendations for action in the areas of diplomacy, development and defence.

Publications of this project