Supporting the authorities in the Philippines: Implementing Green Public Procurement

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Climate action and resource efficiency can only be firmly established if patterns of consumption and production in business, politics, and civil society are sustainable in the long-term. To allow the consideration of ecological and social criteria when buying products or services, there need to be sustainable markets and production. In the rapidly developing Asian markets in particular it is important to effectively strengthen sustainable development. Public authorities play a central role, as they are a major consumer. Their purchasing power can be directed to goods and services that have a low impact on the environment, allowing them to make a major contribution towards sustainable consumption and production.

The Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) aims to support the Philippines in moving toward a more sustainable future. On its behalf, adelphi will support the Philippine government in strengthening its capacities and institutionalising the implementation of Green Public Procurement (GPP). This project is carried out under the umbrella of GIZ’s “Advance Sustainable Consumption and Production (Advance SCP)” project.

adelphi is responsible for developing guidelines for several GPP processes of the Philippine government. Furthermore, adelphi will update the existing Philippine GPP roadmap (2017–2022) for the upcoming period of 2022–2027, while the capacities of the national procurement entities will be enhanced by selected training workshops.