Study tour to energy efficient buildings

New building of the Technical University Berlin

adelphi organised a study tour in which energy efficiency experts had a chance to look at energy efficiency in buildings, with particular regard to the building envelope. Participants were professionals from ministries, vocational training and research institutions and other areas of the public and private construction and energy sectors. This study tour was part of the GIZ’s Capacity Building Programme for Education and Training Within the Environment Sector in the Maghreb Region project.

Visits that took place during the one-week tour included universities where pilot projects were set up using energy efficient architecture, for instance with innovate technologies such as passive cooling. Other site visits were to new and rehabilitated buildings which already were compliant with the latest energy saving requirements. The study tour programme was completed by expert-led talks on the legal and political frameworks for energy efficiency in Germany and their educational programmes. In order to enable participants to act as disseminators of these ideas in Algeria, public relations and stakeholder dialogue were also introduced by several institutions.

adelphi developed the agenda, selected and contacted institutions and experts and compiled the documentation in French, in cooperation with GIZ.