Strategic Review of Foreign Policy on Migration

Abstract blur, bokeh, defocus - image for background. The refugees migrate to Europe

Instability, violent conflict, crime, climate change, disasters, poverty, and inequality have the potential to drive irregular migration with strong cross-border implications. The international community increasingly seeks to address calls for more coherent and coordinated responses to large movements of refugees and migrants at the global level. Political action is needed to protect the safety, dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of all migrants regardless of their migratory status.

In this context, the Foreign Policy on Migration (MIGRAPO) unit of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs commissioned adelphi to develop a mid-term strategy for the unit’s future strategic orientation. The review identified approaches to how MIGRAPO can address the most pressing challenges related to the human rights of refugees and migrants at the policy and programming level, given the current institutional and political landscape and processes.

adelphi conducted a targeted literature review, an assessment of the framework conditions under which MIGRAPO is operating, as well as an analysis of MIGRAPO’s portfolio, including strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities. In addition, interviews with international and local experts on migration were fed into the strategic review. Based on the results of this assessment and the expert interviews, adelphi developed recommendations for MIGRAPO’s future strategic orientation.