Soil conservation in Germany: Legislation and enforcement

Bloom Where You're Planted

The Moroccan Ministry of Environment was considering merging numerous laws and regulation distributions together, including legal regulations on soil protection. Germany’s soil protection law is modeled after Europe’s soil conservation policy.

Therefore, adelphi was commissioned to conduct a study on German soil protection laws and mandates and how it transfers to the Moroccan context. The study systematically traces the German soil protection laws and analysis its historical development. These procedures were presented at the country and nationwide level. Apart from legal issues, questions of equity and environmental security were also addressed. Furthermore, different approaches used in other Member States that presented either particularly innovative concepts or stem from a legal system similar to Morocco’s were compared.

The project results were presented in the spring of 2009 in Rabat, Morocco’s capital, and have since become an important basis for political discussion concerning the development of soil protection in Morocco.