SMEmPower – A holistic approach to energy efficiency in small and medium-sized enterprises

The European research project SMEmPower aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) carry out energy audits and take action to increase their energy efficiency. The project employs a holistic approach to tackle the challenges at the stakeholder, organisational and institutional levels.

SMEmPower will develop an integrated education and training programme aimed at energy-related SME staff. Employees will receive training in the evaluation of financial and technical information, enabling them to assess the cost-effectiveness of energy efficiency measures. The project will then apply the acquired knowledge in pilot installations.

In terms of the institutional level, workshops will bring together SMEs and representatives from financial institutions to explore ways to finance energy efficiency projects. The aim is to close the gap between energy audits and action.
adelphi has been commissioned with the analysis of the German framework conditions and the development of reccommendations for energy audits and energy management in SMEs. In addition, adelphi will develop, carry out and certify the continuing education and training courses for SMEs in Germany, as well as provide corresponding online training content.

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