Safety and Environmental Best Practices for Transportation of Hazardous Substances

Man filling chemical storage containers

SAFE THAI is a capacity building project funded by the European Union. The project aimed at building the capacity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are involved in transporting chemical and hazardous substances throughout Thailand. The project seeked to bridge the gap between the current status quo and the ones prescribed by internationally accepted standards, guidelines, conventions on hazardous substance transportation.

adelphi was commissioned by the EU to implement the project, which pursued four specific objectives:
1) Identifying the current scenarios of hazardous materials/dangerous goods/logistics contributing to environmental problems and assess the awareness on the relevant multilateral environmental agreements
2) Developing a knowledge repository and encourage significant behavioral change through manuals, toolkits and visual aids
3) Fostering capacity building amongst the target group/industry personnel on the various best practices
4) Institutionalizing capability and ensure sustainability by setting up communication channels such as industry groups, annual conferences and learning portals.