Principles of green post-war reconstruction in Ukraine: policy report

The Russian war against Ukraine has caused and is still causing enormous human, environmental and economic losses, making the country’s post-war reconstruction an immense task. As tough as it is in itself, the rebuilding process will take place in a challenging global context characterised by the aftermath of the Corona pandemic, high volatility in energy prices and a looming climate crisis. Ukraine’s successful post-war reconstruction should be fit to address those challenges, providing for sustainable economic growth, energy and environmental security and the country’s successful integration into the EU.

To this end, Ukraine's post-war recovery should be a ‘green’ recovery based on the principles of decarbonisation, economic effectiveness and transparency. The objective of the project was to develop a list of key principles of a green reconstruction for Ukraine, identifying what needs to be ensured on the part of Ukraine’s partners at a principal level to warrant that Ukraine’s reconstruction is climate-friendly and transparent. The results were summarised in a non-paper "Rebuilding Ukraine: principles for a green post-war reconstruction".

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