Pirna is getting smart(er)

Digitalisation is transforming many areas of life, and cities are increasingly discovering its potential in meeting major urban development challenges. In so-called "smart cities", innovative technologies help find intelligent solutions for urban development. Integrated concepts that combine the specific needs and characteristics of a city promise the best results.

In close cooperation with the city administration and citizens of Pirna, adelphi developed a cross-departmental smart city concept, laying the foundation for sustainable and future-oriented urban development. To achieve this goal, adelphi evaluated existing measures, analysed potentials and impacts, and developed specific measures. The main focus was the question of how innovative, digital technologies can help design low-emission, sustainable cities that offer a high quality of life.

In a transparent concept development process, adelphi organised workshops with both the city administration and Pirna's citizens, in order to combine the city's specific needs with sustainable urban development and digitalisation. A survey helped identify specific requirements in various municipal areas of responsibility. adelphi worked closely with the City of Pirna to develop this concept. One important goal: concrete measures that can be implemented in the short and medium term. The concept is underpinned by the principles of the Smart City Charter and Pirna's guiding vision for 2030.

The project offers a guideline for embedding digital options and processes into the urban development of Pirna. The goals include the seamless, rapid implementation of the concept and the foundation of Pirna's development into a smart city. The concept has been approved for implementation by the city council of Pirna.