Institutionalising Corporate Social Responsibility in India

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Indian companies has gained importance, which indicates a sign of its growing, social responsibility. Currently, 124 Indian companies support the United Nations Global Compact, a voluntary action-oriented and dialogue platform as well as marketing initiative. The focus centres on ten principles pertaining to human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and fighting against corruption. The aim of the Global Compact is to promote social commitment. Shortcomings in implementing CSR as an element of management and corporate culture exist, however.

The Indian Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) - the main industry association - successfully implemented the project "EU-India Network of Sustainability Management" with InWEnt and adelphi. CII has now established the "CII Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development", thereby creating a conducive and stimulating environment for Indian businesses to pursue sustainability goals. The Centre offers awareness, promotes leadership and builds capacity to achieve sustainability across a broad spectrum of issues. adelphi was commissioned to prepare, execute and follow-up on the planning workshop and the subsequent development programme in order to structurally reinforce and expand the Centre.