Green Growth for Africa: Supporting women-led enterprises

SEED Symposium 2016 - UN women sponsored

Women-led innovative and entrepreneurial solutions play a significant role in addressing social and environmental challenges, while prioritising gender equality and women’s empowerment. Still, women entrepreneurs face significant challenges in growing and replicating successful businesses, for example when accessing financial services or using relevant technologies. UN Women is tackling these challenges with its programme Empower Women and providing trainings especially for women entrepreneurs across the continent. UN Women and SEED hosted by adelphi partnered to provide two proven trainings aiming at fostering female entrepreneurship.

The highly interactive training “Harnessing the Power of ICT and Digital Literacy for Business Growth” outlined how ICTs can be leveraged for  business growth. The training aimed at enhancing ICT skills and knowledge among the participants. Good practices and lessons learned were documented to feed into UN Women’s development of knowledge products. A second workshop focused on “Driving Gender-Responsive Financial Inclusion Models”, discussed successful financial instruments, products or services that can be used more effectively to empower women entrepreneurs.