Good practice in adapting to climate change

KomPass Tatenbank

Existing climate models show that Germany is set to be increasingly affected by the dangers of climate change and that this will lead to, for example, more frequent extreme weather conditions. These predictions are even more likely to become reality given the slow progress on international agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Measures for adapting to climate change and reducing our vulnerability to its effects are therefore essential. Climate change often presents those in the affected sectors with completely new challenges. Exchanging information and reflecting on the wide range of adaptation practices already in place can help these sectors to respond to the challenges ahead. Communicating good practice in a targeted manner can also help lower the risk of maladaptation in the long term.

The project identifies examples of good practice in adapting to climate change on the basis of an analysis of current research. The aim is to provide municipalities, businesses and citizens with ideas for planning and implementing adaptation measures. Examples of good practice identified by the project are entered into an online database of measures. adelphi is designing and structuring this "Tatenbank" ( To increase awareness about this tool, adelphi has come up with a communications strategy, which it will carry out with the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA). The main target groups of the "Tatenbank" are associations, small and medium-sized businesses, and local and regional authorities.

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