EDA Climate Security Training 2020

Conference room in the United Nations Organization (UNO) building in Kenya, Nairobi

Climate change is one of the core international challenges of the 21st century. It can drive social upheavals and threatens livelihoods, stability, and prosperity. Ambitious climate diplomacy is therefore an important contribution to global peace.

adelphi conducted a training on climate change and security for young diplomats for the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. In this training, the diplomats acquired in-depth knowledge of climate diplomacy and the security risks of climate change. At the same time, they were able to develop political approaches to solve various problems in a playful and interactive environment. The training addressed the causes and consequences of climate change for the availability of water or fertile land, as well as its human security and ultimately geopolitical implications, such as the links between climate change and displacement and armed conflicts.

adelphi was responsible for developing a target group-specific curriculum and delivered and moderated a large part of the training. adelphi’s experts were able to draw on long-standing experience in the field of climate change and security, having developed and conducted numerous training programmes, in particular on foreign and security policy, environmental change, conflict analysis, and peacebuilding.