Ecoprofit Gurgaon: Enabling technology transfer among European and Indian companies

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adelphi, in conjunction with its partners Austria Recycling (AREC) and Gurgaon Industrial Association (GIA), India, had been granted a project on technical assistance and capacity building of selected Indian industries. The purpose of the new initiative under the Technology Partnership tool of the Asia Pro-Eco Programme of EuropeAid was to facilitate technology transfer among European and Indian Partners and carry out training and consulting activities on the basis of the concept of Integrated Environmental Production and Service Policy and Cleaner Production Practices. This project enabled Indian companies to actually adopt and benefit from the measures that they have been trained in workshops as well as onsite.

By training national/local trainers and companies the project contributed to building local capacity in Indian industry in modern business strategies, organisation, quality management, environmental management, technology transfer, health and safety and many more in a combined approach. The city of Gurgaon, near New Delhi, has successfully forged ahead in developing a sound industrial base with several large, medium and small scale industries manufacturing a wide-ranging product like machine tools. The project also aimed at strengthening the environmental dialogue between Europe and India and encourage the adoption of policies, technologies and practice that promote cleaner, more resource-efficient, sustainable solutions to environmental problems.