Development and design of the "Forschungsjahrbuch Erneuerbare Energien"

Laboratory assistant operating a pipette

Given its responsibility for renewable energies and their research funding the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) decided to further increase the share of renewable energies, to reduce their costs and to make German businesses more competitive in the world market. Since 2007 the annual publication “Forschungsjahrbuch” (Research Funding Yearbook), provides interested stakeholders from politics, economy and society a comprehensive overview of the activities funded by the ministry in the field of renewable energies. Moreover, the “Forschungsjahrbuch” (Research Funding Yearbook) encourages research institutions and private companies to further engage in cooperation projects. The thematic focus of the research funding is on wind energy, photovoltaic, renewable energy supply systems and integration of renewable energies, geothermal and solar thermal energy, as well as cross-cutting issues, such as the design of future electricity markets.

adelphi was responsible for the entire process of developing and designing the yearbooks for 2012-2014 and for creating an online database including a search function. Therefore key data for all BMWi-funded projects was collected and edited. Beyond that the database contained more information on the research projects as well as an extensive search function, allowing interested parties a simple search for specific projects. All information and data was made accessible and digitally available. adelphi acted as a direct contact for the research yearbook and informed the professional community regularly about the publication.

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