Developing the clean tech sector in Kenya

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In emerging markets and developing countries, climate change can be seen as an opportunity for increased development in the private sector through the use of innovative business models. Key criteria are often lacking, however, including access to capital, know-how, and global value chains. As a result of the world’s first Climate Innovation Centre (CIC), all of that should be changing. This centre aims to facilitate business models in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy and adaptation to climate change. Moreover, it is supporting Kenyan start-up companies by providing strategic advice in the development of climate technology, market research and in the acquisition of funds. The CIC offers a framework for supporting long-term innovation in climate technology, from its development through adoption and replication.

The project is financed by the British and Danish governments and partners include the Strathmore Business School, PricewaterhouseCoopers Kenya and Global Village Energy Partnership International. The CIC is part of the Climate Technology Program (CTP) at infoDev, a subsidiary of the World Bank. The programme aims to establish more CICs in Ethiopia and South Africa, as well is in India, Vietnam and the Caribbean. All of the centres will be connected with one another, allowing for an exchange of information and services.