Delegation Conference on Migration and Climate Change

Abstract blur, bokeh, defocus - image for background. The refugees migrate to Europe

Climate change is already impacting human mobility. In the future, both more severe and frequent extreme weather events and slow onset change such as sea-level rise or desertification will play an increasingly significant role in displacement, migration and resettlement.

On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the global programme Sustainable Management of Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit aims to improve the ability of the Philippines, the Pacific and the Caribbean to address these challenges. This includes building capacities and knowledge, testing measures and exchanging experiences. In June 2019, the project brought together partners from all pilot regions for the first time for a three-day delegation conference. The event provided a unique opportunity to strengthen working relationships, share knowledge, discuss innovative digitalisation approaches and network within the programme and with external experts.

adelphi organised and moderated the three-day event with around 60 participants to achieve these diverse objectives. adelphi proposed a variety of methods suitable for the individual sessions and tasks, provided detailed planning and professional moderation, and ran the conference. The event concept balanced free networking, knowledge transfer and the efficient achievement of concrete results for further work in the global project.