DEHOGA Energy and Environmental Concept

Pretty barmaid holding plates of salads in a bar

The DEHOGA Energy and Environmental Concept continued to develop its Hotel and Catering Energy Campaign after five years in operation. The materials and experience gathered so far were further exploited, while individual aids will enable even more customised approaches to the requirements of the industry. The project was designed to build sustainable structures within DEHOGA and in the industry itself. It continues on directly from the "Hotel and Catering Energy Campaign", which was concluded in March, 2011. The comprehensive concept was based on a model of four pillars that are all closely interlinked:

  • Continuation of the Hotel and Catering Energy Campaign by the Federal Association of German Hotels and Restaurants (DEHOGA) in a revised form
  • Individual support in the DEHOGA regional associations
  • Further development of energy efficiency networks – capacity building in exchange of experience following the LEEN system
  • DEHOGA Environmental Check

Both the DEHOGA regional associations as well as various projects by the National Climate Initiative are to be closely incorporated. Furthermore, the Energy and Environmental Concept also cooperates with the KfW Special Fund for Energy Efficiency, LEEN (Learning Energy Efficiency Networks) and the Information and Qualification Campaign of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK). DEHOGA enables the participants to offer active services such as energy-efficiency consulting and on-site training. In addition, a nation-wide DEHOGA Environmental Check has been established, with a final stage in which the seal of approval "Viabono Business" can be awarded – an environmental brand also supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). The Energy and Environmental Check creates additional incentives to increase energy efficiency within the industry, as sustainable management is set to become a more and more important asset in advertising, while the environmental brand Viabono achieves greater reach.