Climate policy cooperation with developing and emerging economy countries

This background paper contributed to Germany’s development cooperation through climate policy dialogues and advisory services with developing and emerging economy countries. The paper served as a basis for further discussions concerning climate matters in order to cooperate with these countries.

The first part identified the most important themes (mitigation, adaptation, financing and technology) in the global climate discussion. Aside from the actual climate regime and the Copenhagen Accord, this includes discussions within the G8/G20 and the Major Economies Forum as well as actions and work programmes from the European Commission and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

The second part presented a synopsis of interests and priorities in the climate and energy policy sector according to groups of countries (industrialised countries, emerging economy countries, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, least developed countries). Against the background of the existing development policy portfolio, the third and final part outlined elements for future consultations and dialogue services.