Analysis of potential for cooperation on environmental conflicts in Germany and Europe

Latin America is characterised by multifaceted societies and enormous social and ecological challenges and conflicts, which often stand in contrast to inadequate institutional frameworks. The Ecuadorian foundation Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano (FFLA) has set itself the goal of promoting peace-building, peace consolidation and sustainable development processes through constructive dialogue between civil society and the political sphere: most notably, this includes improved governance structures for the management of natural resources such as water, forests and climate.

Strategic regional, national and international partnerships and projects, alongside methodical technical exchange, are important elements of the effective implementation of these measures, and of the achievement of valuable synergies. Against this backdrop, the FFLA has commissioned adelphi to identify and analyse possible cooperation partners in Europe, above all in Germany. Of thirty institutions identified, ten were examined in greater depth. adelphi proposed concrete entry points for cooperation, and contributed actively to network creation. Examples of entry points include jointly developing methodologies and applying existing theories to real-life cases.